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Erosion control

Without erosion control products and techniques wind and rain removes sand and soil from areas where it’s needed, pollutes nearby water supplies and creates mud. Obviously erosion can be a serious problem in Oklahoma for new construction zones, land development projects and agricultural areas, but it’s also a serious issue for Tulsa homeowners.

Although many homeowners do not give much thought to erosion control; problems created by wind and rain are forms of erosion. Rain can easily cause water to pool or puddle around your house which can damage your foundation and the driveway. People and pets drag mud into the house and if you’re trying to establish a new lawn wind and rain can wash away grass seed, soil and young plants. Luckily Verde Vista Resources of Tulsa, Oklahoma has erosion control solutions for contractors and for homeowners.

Sediment barriers

Sediment barriers are type of erosion control device that creates a barrier of some sort to keep soil from washing away in a heavy rain. Sediment barriers include bale barriers, silt fences and straw wattles.

Bale barriers

Bale barriers are bales of wheat or rice anchored in a row to the ground as a kind of restraining wall. Bale barriers allow water to wash through them while straining soil and other debris. Bale barriers are a semi-inexpensive solution in areas where water velocity is low to moderate.

Silt fences

So fences are fences made from geotextile fabric which is been stretched between wooden or metal stakes. Silt fences work similar to bale barriers in that they allow water to filter through while trapping sand, soil and debris. Silt fences are fully customizable erosion control solution that works best on slopes.

Straw wattles

Snakelike appearance, straw wattles are created by stuffing wheat or rice straw into a nylon or jute tube. Straw wattles work best in areas where you need an erosion control product that is long-lasting, inexpensive and movable.

Mulches and mats

Straw blankets or mats

used to temporarily stabilize soils on steep slopes, channels or shorelines straw blankets and mats are machine produced blankets a biodegradable, organic mulches created using chrome wood fibers, coconut fibers, strong or a combination of each press into a natural fiber netting stitch to ensure an even distribution.


Vegetation is often used in some form by contractors, utilities and homeowners as a form of erosion control. Bushes, trees, grass, wood mulch and grains like hay, wheat and rice can all be used to reduce wind and runoff from storms.

Hydro mulch

With Hydro mulching a mixture of wood mulch, fertilizer, a color dye and tackifier or glue is mixed with water and sprayed upon the ground. This mixture keeps grass seed from being washed are blown away and adds needed nutrients to the soil. Hydro mulching is a type of erosion control product which is used mostly by homeowners are trying to establish a new lawn.

Hay blowing

Economical and often used as a temporary erosion control solution to winterize construction projects that have not quite reached final grade, a blowing consists of hay or straw which pneumatically blown around the disturbed area and then crimped into place.

For more information about erosion control products and which ones may be best for your project just pick up the phone and call the experts at Verde Vista Resources of Tulsa, Oklahoma.