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Hay blowing

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The most economical and commonly used temporary erosion control method, straw or hay blowing is an excellent way to winterize a project that has not yet reached final grade. With straw or hay blowing straw or hay is pneumatically blown over the disturbed area and anchored in place by some form of soil tackifier. The upside to this type of erosion control is that it is relatively inexpensive. The downside is that the hay or straw and tackifier will have to be removed once you begin moving dirt around again.

Do you have more questions about erosion control? Just give us a call and our erosion control expert will be happy to discuss your project and help you choose the right product or products that best fit your project. With 20 years of experience providing professional landscape services to municipal buildings, retail outlets, schools, golf courses, parks, and sports fields as well as residential and commercial developments in the Broken Arrow area coupled with top of the line equipment and knowledgeable, experienced personnel, Verde Vista Resources always strives to make sure that your landscaping project always comes in on time and on budget every time.