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Straw Blankets / Mats

Straw Blanket

Straw blankets and mats which are also known as erosion control blankets are a machine produced mat of biodegradable, organic mulches made from curled wood fibers, straw, coconut fibers or a combination of all which is pressed into a natural fiber netting and stitched to ensure even distribution.

Used to temporarily stabilize soils on steep slopes, shorelines or channels, straw blankets and mats:
    • Increase germination for grasses and legumes
    • Protect seed from predators
    • Promote vegetation
    • Reduce evaporation and desiccation
    • Protect disturbed soil from rain and surface erosion

Although straw blankets and mats offer the best protection for steep slopes where erosion hazards are high they do have some disadvantages.

Straw blankets and mats require the ground to be prepared prior to the installation since they must adhere to the ground directly. This means that in order for them to work properly there cannot be any rocks, large sod clumps or vegetation along the area to be treated.

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