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Hydroseeding Grass

A thick lush lawn with healthy, beautiful flowers and plants is just as important to your business’ image as the right advertising campaign. It is usually the first impression anyone has of your company and you want it to be right. So what are you to do if your front lawn looks more like a war zone then paradise? Have you considered hydroseeding grass?

Hydroseeding grass Tulsa is a process which makes use of a mixture of fertilizer, grass seed, dye, wood and paper mulch and water. The mixture, called slurry, is the consistency of pancake batter and is sprayed over the ground resulting in a thick beautiful lawn in just a few short weeks.

Although hydroseeding grass is not the only way we can help you achieve a beautiful carpet of green grass it does have several clear advantages over all other methods;
    •  Hydroseeding grass just works better

All of the main ingredients in the hydroseed slurry mixture including the mulch, fertilizer and seed, are specifically formulated to work together and with your particular soil for the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

The mulch: Perhaps the most important aspect of broadcast seeding and hydroseeding grass is the mulch. In broadcast seeding straw is added to the top of the grass seed to protect it from animals including birds, wind and rain the problem is that straw can blow away, birds and other animals will either eat it or pick the seeds out from around it, it does nothing to inhibit moisture evaporation and as it erodes it leaches needed nitrogen from the soil. Not so with hydroseed wood mulch.

The mulch used in hydroseeding grass retains moisture which is critical for the grass to grow, adds to the humus content as it breaks down and hydroseed mulch contains a tackifier that chemically “glues” itself to the existing soil decreasing erosion and making it less appealing to birds and other pests.

The seed: With hydroseeding grass not only can the grass be customized to the type that will do best in your soil the hydroseed process adds a coating to it that helps it retain moisture and adds much needed nutrients to the soil for optimum growth.

The fertilizer: Mixed specifically for your application, the fertilizer used in the hydroseed slurry balances the nutrients in the native soil.
   •  Cost effective

Hydroseeding grass is definitely the most cost effective choice when it comes to establishing a nice green lawn. Hydroseeding costs 40 to 70% less then sod, takes about ¼ of the time to install as broadcast seeding and usually “takes” the first time.
   •  Healthier

Generally speaking a hydroseeded lawn is greener, healthier and longer lasting then either sod or broadcast seeding. The reason is because hydroseeding grass allows for a much faster and deeper root establishment, does not suffer from transplant shock so typical with sod, has already been adjusted to the soil and holds moisture better so that the seeds germinate quicker. Hydroseed also does not “wash out” during heavy weather like broadcast seed can.
   •  Even distribution

Hydroseed slurry is about the same thickness as pancake batter, has a temporary dye in it and is applied via sprayer allowing for a controlled spray pattern that is easy to see. All of this adds up to a nice uniform covering that sticks to dips and valleys just as easily as totally flat areas.
   •  Erosion control

Hydroseeding grass includes a tackifier agent (glue) in the mix that is specially formulated to bond with the existing ground so that it does not “wash” out even in heavy winds or rainfall.

If you are looking for a cost effective and fast way to get a thick, lush and green lawn hydroseed is the best way to go. Hydroseed lawns usually sprout in 5 to 7 days and are ready for mowing in 3 to 4 weeks.