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Silt Fences

Silt Fence logo Wire Back Silt Fence

Used primarily on new construction sites to protect the waters of any nearby lakes or rivers from storm runoff a silt fence is a temporary sediment control device made from geotextile fabric stretched between metal or wooden stakes.

Although simplistic in design, silt fences are completely customizable to fit any job from the height of the fencing to the materials used. For tougher soils/areas metal posts and metal fencing may be used or a closer spacing of the posts utilized for added strength.

Silt dikes

Most often used as ditch/retention pond checks or as a perimeter control along asphalt, silt dikes are a triangular shaped piece of foam that is wrapped in a geotextile filter fabric. Silt dikes come in sections that are 7 feet in length and either 5 inches or 10 inches in height.

Silt dikes:

  •          Are light weight
  •          Can be linked together to protect large areas if needed
  •          Block Sediment, Oil, and more from Contaminating Water
  •          Help Prevent Erosions Failures
  •          Can be used in Rough Terrains
  •          Can be Used as a SWPPP Solution

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